Creamy Broccoli and Chicken Goat Cheese Quesadillas

Who says quesadillas need taco seasoning and salsa? Quesadillas were an easy weeknight dinner in my house growing up, often involving a can of refried beans and some cheddar cheese. I hope to rock your socks off with the more sophisticated flavors of this quesadilla that is rich and creamy, yet crunchy. Wes did not join me in this food adventure as he chose to have his with pizza sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese… the boy loves his pizza! This concoction is simple enough for a weeknight meal, while packing in big flavor.

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Pesto Hummus

Goat Cheese

Diced Broccoli

Cooked, Shredded Chicken

Flour Tortilla or Wrap (your choice)

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Spread a thin layer of pesto hummus on half of the tortilla. Heat skillet with a dab of olive oil or non-stick cooking spray on medium heat. Add shredded chicken, finely diced broccoli and chunks of goat cheese and fold tortilla in half. Cook for 1-3 minutes per side, until warmed and toasted.

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Do not overfill tortilla or you are more likely to have a frustrating experience of flipping the tortilla in the pan. It is also important to shred and dice the broccoli finely as to nicely slip inside the quesadilla. Lastly, these turned out fabulous with gluten free wraps – no cracking, breaking or extra chewiness!
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